Anderson play an abondoned Georgian House (5 of 8)
Who Now?
Anderson = is the person that sold his record door to door and found an 8 minute opening in people's consciousness, and took full advantage.

Listen Now?

Have you been to Knockanstockan before? Favourite memory? 

I haven't been before but I've heard enough to make me very excited by the prospect.

What can we expect from your live show?

I think the full band shows give a completely different account of the songs, they take on a new life with a rawness and energy that is hard to capture on record.

Other than the stage, where are we most likely to find you at a festival?

A vegetarian falafel stand ogling lettuce.

Festival packing - Notoriously difficult, but what's your 1 luxury?

My one luxury item would most certainly be a solar powered hair straightener.

What are your musical plans for the rest of 2016?
This is my last show of the year, after it I hope to work on some new material and try get it out as soon as possible. So I should have something around 2020.