The family of Her’s’ bassist Audun Laading have shared a video for the band’s track ‘Marcel’, made of footage recorded in Norway before the duo of of Audun Laading and Stephen Fitzpatrick tragically died following a car accident in Arizona in 2019.

The Liverpool based duo’s vehicle was struck head on by another vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road as the band drove to California. The crash also killed the band’s tour manager Trevor Engelbrektson and the driver of the other vehicle.

The duo were known for their bouncy riffs and colourful personalities. In lieu of a drummer, they performed live with a cardboard cut out of Pierce Brosnan who they had named their drum machine after.

A statemented from the Laading family accompanied the release of the video:

In loving memory of Audun Laading and Stephen Fitzpatrick.

These images were shot with the aim of making a music video, but were never released. It was a beautiful summer day, we went for a stroll through the Norwegian woods that led us all the way to the sea, with our camera and good vibes. Now that they are gone, we feel that we should not keep this rare and precious footage to ourselves.

GoldenPlec interviewed the duo back in 2018, ahead of their show in Whelan’s in October of that year. Click on the image below to read the interview.