Dagny has come up with an interesting way to tackle the dilemma faced by musicians when it comes to the pandemic. The in-demand Norwegian is set to release her debut album in two parts with the first 6 tracks ‘Side A’ available for streaming on May 22nd with the full album (Side B) to follow in September.

Dagny aka Norvoll Sandvik has shared the second slice of the album Somebody: “It’s the all-consuming and exciting feeling when everything is still new. I’ve been lucky to experience it. I find that when I’m in love I feel everything ten times more than usual. With ‘Somebody’ for me it’s not just the lyrics but the whole vibe of the song that represents that: when I listen to it I get a lot of positive energy and I just wanna throw myself into something new and exciting.”

Dagny has once again teamed up with directing duo TUSK (Camilla Cabello, Halsey, Nicki Minaj) for the track’s video.

Track listing – Side A

1. Come Over
2. Somebody
3. Let Me Cry
4. Paris
5. Coulda Shoulda Woulda
6. Tension

We caught with the Come Over singer earlier this year to talk about her long-awaited album and her unexpected co-write with Katy Perry. Click on the image below to read the interview.