Cork born rapper Biig Piig aka Jess Smyth has released Roses and Gold, her second single since signing for RCA earlier this year. Roses and Gold sees Biig Piig returning to her bilingual beginnings, mixing English and Spanish together to create a unique hip hop flavour.

“Perdida? That’s pure heartbreak.” Biig Piig told GoldenPlec back in January of her breakthrough bilingual track. “It’s about being close to someone and knowing they are gonna let you down, but when they do you’re like ‘fuck I didn’t know it was gonna hurt that much’. I feel like maybe that’s why the Spanish bit came out of me when I was writing. I hadn’t really written in Spanish before, but it just came out as word vomit. I feel like maybe it’s because saying that bit (in English) is quite vulnerable. Maybe that’s why I hid it in another language, so that if he did listen to it, he wouldn’t be able to understand it straight off.”

This theme rears its head again with Roses and Gold, produced by JD Reid (slowthai, Mabel, Kojey Radical). The follow-up to Sunny, sees Biig Piig opening up in Spanish once again confronting her troubles, whilst utilising the childhood safety of Spanish as a safety blanket.

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Biig Piig plays her biggest Irish show to date in Whelan’s on Friday October 25th. Tickets €12.50