clynch6aThis may be Watson Ace’s debut album but for the band’s members this is far from the first foray into the Irish music scene.

Colm Lynch has been doing the rounds for the best part of a decade now. His debut album in 2006 was released to critical acclaim with the media comparing Lynch to Dylan, Van Morrison and even Springsteen thanks to song such as Why Must I Apologise and Bleed Us Dry. Sadly, his follow up album in 2009 didn’t reach the high standards of the first and Lynch has since been doing the rounds without really making a name for himself.

However, under the guise of Watson Ace that may all be about to change. ‘Backbone’, a blend of stylish, soulful and melodic rock sees a return to form for Lynch. First single from the album Crazy Too is a rootsy number which showcases Lynch’s ability to pen catchy, lyrically sound tunes. End Of A Love Affair is reminiscent of the style of writing which had the likes of Hotpress cooing over Lynch’s debut album ‘A Whisper In A Riot’.

A bit of a lull follows before Bank Robber Gang picks up the spirits again with its toe-tap inducing melody and fist pumping chorus allowing the listener to really engage with the music. If you’ve been listening to Paolo Nutini’s most recent material then Human Behavior will be a heartwarmingly familiar concept with its hints of soul and funk pulling you in and refusing to let go.

Title track Backbone meanwhile, with its raw emotion, both in Lynch’s vocals and in the song’s melody, could easily have featured on Springsteen’s ‘Devil And Dust’.

There’s No Hole In The Bottom Of The Ocean is beautifully resemblant of Band Of Horses’ early material before Soon As The Dawn Comes sees Lynch close the album with a powerful outpouring of angst and despair that leaves the listener reaching for the replay button over and over again. ‘Backbone’ sees Lynch take a step in the right direction to fulfilling the potential everyone saw all those years ago, thanks in no small part to some mesmerising musicianship from his band.

Watson Ace have proved themselves deserving of a place under the spotlight, all they need now is for someone to put them there.