wetowncriersWe Town Criers are not new to the Irish music scene and it shows on their début album, ‘Swing Beast’. Hailing from Roscommon, they have been together since 2006, perfecting a raucous sound, telling the world that they “believe in sounding big”.

‘Swing Beast’ is an ambitious and energetic album setting out an intrepid sound with progressive rock elements. Tempered in pace with intricate guitar work Scream A Whisper, starts the album impressively. Lead vocalist Dermot Kelly’s voice soars with a lilt; utterly unique in the Irish music industry. Grind has a slightly overproduced sound that works well with the punk-ish, scratching guitar riff and heart pumping bass line. It is an eerie number with chilling, whispered vocals in the background, reminiscent of Trent Reznor’s creepier moments, which work well with the mildly industrial feel of the song.

We Town Criers are not just about busting speakers with loud shattering sounds; they also have a softer, slower side which is evident on Need to Know. Once again the vocals are intrinsic, gelling fabulously with some notable guitar work and particularly lornful lyrics: “You said you might/You sight might come away…I need to know/ Need to get some clarity. While single Weight of Mind  is one of the most gripping songs on the album with thundering drums and ear-popping guitars.

A cappella title track  Swing Beast shows how versatile this band can be with flawlessly harmonised vocals.  Bass driven track Medusa storms through your speakers, gutsily roaring towards the finish line leaving a lasting impression. It will peak the interest of ’90s metal and grunge fans with heavy bass and soulful vocals as Kelly sings about the regret of losing a wiley woman: “I get the feeling that she knows… I get the feeling that’ll she go/so let her go” .

The album ends with its strongest track Switch Flicker, which could singlehandedly see We Town Criers gain the attention of alternative music fans in Ireland en mass; with stunning vocals, tight riffs, wholehearted lyrics and a flawless rhythm section. An addictive listen ‘Swing Beast’ is a superb début effort from We Town Criers.