This-Other-Kingdom-300x300The psychedelic space rock of Dublin band, This Other Kingdom, wastes no time in making an impact like the recent meteor which hurtled over Russia. Similar to that astrological phenomenon there is an epic quality to their music. Half the fun of listening to this EP, is trying to spot the influences of the band.  There is a strong Interpol sound especially as the bass lines do seem to be ripped from Carlos Dengler period Interpol, but they don’t have the same hypnotic weaving patterns. Lead singer Del Kerton’s vocal style varies from track to track on the EP and on Fine Line he comes across in the vein of Paul Banks. There are also obvious nods to The Horrors, Joy Division & Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

It’s one thing to have these fine influences but another fusing all these together in a coherent fashion and forging a unique slant to distinguish yourself from the pack. Thankfully, This Other Kingdom manage to succeed in this regard. The track listing on the EP works well, with I’m Still Here introducing the standard template which each song is built on.  All the songs are backboned by a pulsing bass line and nerve shredding percussion. As the EP progresses, each song veers more and more into a fractured reality. Many other bands adopt this kind of rhythm style, but This Other Kingdom’s haunting backing harmonies and atmospheric keyboard flourishes give the songs distinctive touches. ‘Sunlight’ epitomises this use of instruments and song arrangement with a vocal performance that is very much in the mould of Jim Morrison.

The claustrophobic and reverb drenched Vacate The Horror, makes you feel you are isolated, in  widening pit that’s being slowly filled in on top of you. Its sombre funeral march rhythm, tumbles out of the speakers like a distorted consciousness. This song could easily stand beside anything from The Horrors without any inferiority.  Conjuring images of a dystopian future of paranoia, chaos and uncertainty, This Other Kingdom’s heady cocktail of neo psychedelic space rock is one to lose yourself in.