There’s no shortage of rock bands out there so it’s nice when you get one trying to be a little bit different. Stage cue, The Vicunas.

The quartet hail from Warrenpoint just across the border in Northern Ireland and while they aren’t doing anything new, their blend of country rock is easy on the ears.

The EP kicks off with ‘Blue Collar Joe’, a slow-burner riddled with lyrical cliches that builds to a climatic guitar solo. The melody feels recycled and lacks originality but despite this, it has that catchy charm that is quick to stick in your head.

At times, they feel like a more reigned in Kings of Leon that had a lovechild with mid-2000s Green Day’s balladry. Comparisons being so easy to find in a young band’s music is somewhat off-putting though, and further adds to the lack of originality on display.

The slide guitar is a welcome touch and coupled with driving drums, there are elements of something really good. The band gel well but there is a notable lack of any real low-end in the mixes, instead relying on fiddly guitar solos and overdriven riffs to anchor tracks.

There isn’t a defining moment that sticks out on the EP, and as such, you probably won’t listen to it more than a few times. There isn’t anything wrong with The Vicunas, there just isn’t anything to set them apart. It’s an easy listen that shows off an enjoyable jaunt into country rock for the foursome but unless they elevate themselves with a more unique approach, they’ll just end up as a band that relies too heavily on their influences.