4 Panel Insert.pdfDespite being in existence for three years, it’s taken Dublin band The Statics until now to get their debut EP out into the world. There were signs that something was stirring with the release of their single Holiday back in November 2012, and while some bands are in a rush to get somewhere fast and have their name noticed, taking this time has allowed the band to hone their craft. The Statics wear their influences on their sleeves, covering the spectrum across The Beatles, The La’s and The Everly Brothers, none of which are exactly the worst acts to cherry pick your inspiration from.

Despite the aforementioned influences it’s another Liverpudlian band that you think of when hearing title track Hidden Pigeon, with its cheery, giddy bouncing rhythm bringing to mind The Coral. Hit & Miss is a stellar song, and should be destined for daytime radio play. The lead guitar line rises and drops with contrasting hooks and is married with a to die for sing-a-long chorus and matching harmonies. Alone is the most Beatles-esque song of the EP and with its jangly guitar sound it is no less catchy, at once feeling as if from a different era, yet of our time. As I See It has a fusion of upbeat musical rhythm and downbeat vocals, which shouldn’t work, but it does in thrilling fashion.

Throughout the EP, Liam Gardner’s lead vocal strikes the right balance of sounding familiar without trying to ape any contemporaries. The playing throughout is super tight and the production is clear and clean, which brings the best out of the band’s sound. Really, there isn’t much more you would want to improve on this release. Between Hit & Miss and Alone, there are enough melodies that are easier to remember than your own name. With an upcoming appearance at Vantastival, now is the perfect time to get yourself acquainted with The Statics.