3692733233-1The Rock as opposed to the roll” is what The ObjectorZ are all about. Made up from members of Moutpiece, Wizards of Firetop Mountain, The Run Ons, Zom, Weil Rats and many more bands we’re sure, this four piece will never be accused of outstaying their welcome. At eleven and a half minutes long, this brief blast of honest to fuck rock owes more to good time pub rock than punk rock.

One Way Conversation opens with a note of disaffection – “Busy doing nothing/ Busy going nowhere” – guitars and drums quickly gaining momentum while the vocals channel Jake Burns. A choppy ska guitar briefly creeps in but the song ignores it and barrels onwards, offering no choice but for the listener to join in on the repeated refrain of the title.

It’s 10 O’clock is pub rock in its best incarnation, offering a salute to SLF’s Tin Soldiers in the 1-2-3-4 outro. Can’t Sit Still is the EP’s indulgent epic at 3:14; a basic shout and response repetition becomes more aggressive, oozing impatience, while the fine, infectious guitar interludes are trampled over by the “What you gonna do about it?” demand. The closing Say It Now features a celtic-tinged guitar riff, and a touch of The Quo sneaks in – oddly, this isn’t a criticism.

The ‘Demonstration Cassette EP’ is over as quickly as it begins, but during that time manages to infiltrate the subconscious with its at-once familiar riffs and melodies. The many influences are there to be heard, whether it’s The Stiffs, Therapy?, or Wilko Johnson’s chopping guitar style…or the bloody Quo. The ObjectorZ are a band clearly enjoying themselves, and it shines through. This is twelve minutes of your life – including switching sides on the cassette – that you’ll be happy to replay.