The _Late_twosIt’s quite common for a band’s EP to be eponymously self-titled, but The Late Twos go a step further and name the second track after the band too. That might hint that musically or lyrically the band had run out of ideas. Indeed, there is nothing revolutionary about ‘The Late Twos’ EP as a whole, as it doesn’t stray far from the indie rock template and if you’re looking for something radically different, you won’t find it here. However, crafting a good tune doesn’t need to change the landscape of what defines rock music and that is what matters the most.

Thankfully the song in question, The Late Twos,  has enough hooks loaded throughout it to qualify as a worthy song to be on the EP. The introductory guitar lines do have an element of Two Door Cinema Club about them, but the chorus is more raucous than their northern peers would produce. The band displays a knack for super catchy choruses and some tight musicianship. This carries on through into I Don’t Wanna Stop This Dance. Mathew Legge’s knowingly cheeky lyrics mock hipsters for not having style while also paying homage to The Beatles by name checking the individual members. Vocally, Legge’s singing feels effortless and has a neutral quality which has an everyman appeal.

Rounding the EP off is Modette to Ladette which is less hurried and melodic than the previous two songs but no less catchy. Ryan Bennett’s lead guitar chiming intro blends well with a lean, efficient rhythm section and he also makes a noticeable contribution on backing vocals.

After a couple of listens and without even remembering the names of the songs or even the name of the band, the songs have that undefinable quality of building themselves a home in your head and happily staying there. When listening to this EP, resistance is futile and you will find yourself humming the tunes involuntarily at times.