popcornAlternative Dublin band Tandem Felix have just released their début EP ‘Popcorn.’  They describe themselves as “four gentlemen playing polite and intriguing music,” let’s hope they don’t make apologies out of songs.

Third Degree Burns greets the listener tenderly with a wonderful low piano drone. It creates a dreamy effect, illustrating smart musicianship among the band members. Singer David Tapley possesses a voice many will envy, and those same many will hear a definite Radiohead influence. The seemingly lazy, yet precise rhythm gives the track a gentle mood. Combining this with a cluster of unattached noises, the song spawns a strong original sound.

It is refreshing when a band utilizes the strength of stringed instruments, and Tandem Felix do exactly that on Bad Hands. Undoubtedly experimentalists, the overall production quality is impressive and does not falter, not even for the briefest spell. Continuity is vital as regards a bands’ music, and it is clear as to which shelf this Dublin foursome wish to be found: Alternative.

Tell You Loved Ones reeks of Radiohead’s ‘Pyramid Song;’ although it’s never a bad thing to draw influence from Thom Yorke and co. Following the intro, the song seamlessly changes into a much brighter mood; Conor Muldowney’s tremolo endorsed guitar washes over the ears, as if receiving a numbing head massage.

In what seems like an unused score from The Shining, a rather hair-raising piano intro thankfully slows into the tender voice of Tapley for Pointing And Laughing. A vacuüm of echo bounces around, as if the song is being played in a dream – a hazy resonance to it all. The inclusion of a pedal steel guitar and trumpet works a real treat and makes Tandem Felix a band of absorbing variety.

Having recorded ten tracks in 2009 entitled ‘Twedledee’ (not an official release), the band have come a long way. Musically, the improvements are vast and the band as a whole have now developed a sound which fits.