Since Saint Sister first glided onto the Irish music scene in 2014 they have continuously delivered superbly polished and highly listenable music.

Building on their early promise ‘Shape of Silence’ sees Morgan MacIntyre and Gemma Doherty crafting a debut album that is mesmerising from the outset, enveloping you in layers of beautiful vocals and shimmering, beguiling atmosphere.

The Beginning & Twin Peaks display a captivating blend of voice, harp and subtle but effective percussive elements. You can’t help but be drawn in to what is a highly personal album which is packed full of intimate anecdotes.

The tone turns a little bleaker on Tin Man with talk of the dark and skeletons, while You Never Call delivers a more urgent combination of vocal delivery and backbeat. Causing Trouble is the perfect starting point for anyone getting their first taste of Saint Sister as it exquisitely combines all the elements that makes them one of Ireland’s best acts.

The barest hum of electro effects and incantations on Tir Eile allows the sublime vocal harmonies of MacIntyre and Doherty to shine through exquisitely on one of the album’s highlights.

A simple piano line, orchestral bells, snatched speech samples combine hypnotically over some delicious trip-hop percussion on Steady the standout track on the latter half of the album, while previously released singles Madrid & Corpses have both been revamped for ‘Shape of Silence’ with a little extra gloss added to each song.

The variety on show throughout ‘Shape of Silence’ is subtle, but every track rewards, drenched in the eerie atmosphere that Saint Sister have become renowned for.