The spring and summer months are always awash with EP and album releases, making it very difficult for bands to stand out and get noticed. We become inundated with new tracks and videos as musicians compete for attention from fans and festival promoters alike.  The Sacreblues Band took the plunge with the release of their EP ‘Say What You Say’.

Say What You Say the title track from the release, is a great start to the record. Mélissa Aït Chellel provides jazzy vocals that are note perfect. The entire song has a feel good vibe, with light flute shadowing in the background it is a stand out song from start to finish. The chorus is catchy and will no doubt have everyone singing along.

If you like country and folk Handyman is a must hear, the guitar riffs are filled with merriment and can transport you right into the middle of festival bliss. Yet more stellar vocals that sound effortless but perfect, are nicely matched with the consistent rhythm guitar.

The EP is somewhat lacking in meaningful or deep lyrics, but the feel good factor, exceptional vocals and accomplished musicianship make this release well worth a listen.  Johnny Mack and Mélissa Aït Chellel have provided a magnificently composed release that will go a long way in getting them noticed.

Stepping Stone is a highlight of the EP,  beautiful flute parts weave around the striking and effective vocals. Accompanied yet again with more seasoned musical talent. The chorus will resound in your head long all you hear it and instantly put you in a good mood.

The cherry on top is most certainly These Are The Things, it is fantastically bare and stripped back really showcasing this duo’s raw talent. Distinguished vocals and playful guitar playing make it an acoustic fantasy.

Say What You Say can send you into the warmth of summer in the depths of winter with just one note, and this band have to be a main stay on the festival scene this summer. Even in the middle of a popular period for releases, this offering will have no problem standing out from the crowd.