fake_promoRichard Kapp returns with his unique brand of baroque pop coupled with sharp lyrical observations.

This time around he utilises his band, the Gowns, to deliver an upbeat and expansive set that again showcases that his wit is as refined as his songwriting talents.

The meandering melodies are striking – Kapp has never been one to rely on the conventional song formats – and opener Play sets a theatrical theme to proceedings. Perhaps the Austrian has a Broadway musical in him deep down somewhere.

Title track, Fake is typically Kapp, setting a upbeat tune against a lyrical side-swipe at people who are desperate to keep up appearances while Simple Song takes has a pop at those keen to share everything they do in the social media hemisphere.

The Unemployed Cowboy is a hootin’ tootin’ gas. It’s not all high comedy, though, and there are some more serious introspective moments on the record including I See Myself In The Water and Watching the Raindrops.

Kapp clearly has no time for fads and fashions and he has a dig at popular culture on Jump On The Bandwagon, telling the listener to “make up your own little mind” rather than listen to those who have the pleasure of being objective in the press.

Well this critic has made up his mind and Kapp’s new record makes sure he has yet to make a dud.

This is not for fans of indie guitar pop, but anyone that enjoys the odd (but brilliant) storytelling of the Divine Comedy or Belle and Sebastian will be able to appreciate Kapp’s acerbic observations and piano led pop songs.