Brighton quartet Lime Garden have been bubbling under the UK indie scene since their fine 2020 debut single Surf N Turf introduced the world to their cocktail of sharp-witted lyrics and disco-infused post-punk leaning indie rock.

‘One More Thing’ more than solidifies the promise of those early singles. As the album’s title suggests Chloe Howard has plenty to say for herself. Pop Star laments the gig-economy side-hustle required by young artists to make ends meet these days. Little surprise then that they take a pop at It Girl culture on Nepotism (Baby).

Elsewhere, there’s an element of Schrödinger’s band with lucid daydreams on the possibilities of success and failure with a genuinely palpable sense of existential dread given to both possible outcomes.

Floor’s autotuned vocals provide an unexpected moment of alt-pop sheen, as does the Connie Constance-esque Fears. Guitarist, Leila Deeley marks herself out as a truly versatile player throughout ‘One More Thing’ but especially here, working dextrously around the track’s lo-fi electro rumblings to great effect.

People say there are no good bands any more, Lime Garden prove just how wrong they are. ‘One More Thing’ is a fine introduction to a band that shouldn’t have day jobs.

Lime Garden bring One More Thing to The Workman’s Club on March 2nd. Remaining tickets here