The Revellions Give It TimeFive years since their debut album was released, The Revellions are back. The question is, was it worth the wait? The quick answer: yes. The four piece from Dublin have produced an album that does not disappoint, it infuses all the band’s styles, garage rock, psychedelic rock and there are some bluesy elements to it as well.

Strung Out Bad is a stand out song that includes gang vocals, harmonies and has an incredible rhythm. At times, it even has a Johnny Cash-esque vibe to it. This is a particularly  catchy and enjoyable song that really showcases the band’s talent.

The album has a little bit of everything, there’s different musical influences, different vocals and up-tempo and slower songs. This means that there is a little bit for everyone, but also means that some songs could not be to everyone’s taste. Don’t Wait For Me has a kind of blues/rock ‘n’ roll sound to it. With female vocals and trumpets added to it, it’s something a special. ‘Special’ is a pretty good word to describe the entire release, as there is something very unique about it. For this reason it’s an exciting listen, there’s nothing boring about it. 

On the more experimental side of the album there is Somewhere Inbetween, a song that is slightly repetitive and the vocals are slightly odd, as singer James Lister uses a lot of vibrato, a sound which is very unique, but at times is not the most enjoyable to listen to and as such it doesn’t show his vocal abilities to their highest potential. 

In a very interesting turn, the band also have a purely instrumental track, The Waltz. This is a particularly nice touch, it sounds like a jamming session between the band and the harmony and fluidity with which they all play with each other is truly impressive. This song shows the musical talent that this band have . All in all the album is a very enjoyable listen and should see the band get more recognition for their talents.