About BlankHailing from Dublin, Radio Room is a four-piece bearing the indie badge with distinction. Fans of Two Door Cinema Club will find a common impact in the music with dance-like riffs and lively drum and bass.  ‘About:Blank’ sees the band deliver its third EP and quite possibly its finest.

Confetti’s urgency to grasp the listener works wonders, and the production quality is to be commended. Guitars and drums alter between solo hooks and working in unison, creating a typically choppy indie sound which any listener would struggle to rebuke.  The hard-hitting bass gives the song a dirty attitude; almost punk. Being a cheeky and youthful song, Confetti hold what’s dear to many young listeners; hooks.

Once again, the bass and drums lead the way in Myself/Yourself. Although a scrappier tune vocally, Collie Drennan’s guitar-line fades in and out on cue, and exudes qualities of Two-Door Cinema Club and Bloc Party. The chorus lacks a true melody and is sadly occupied by a shouting vocal. It must be said that drummer Marco Persechin has excellent control over his kit and drives the band forward with a clear sense of direction.

Having released the video for Synesthesia (Directed by Eoin Heeney) in November 2012, many GoldenPlec readers may have already heard this EP’s third track. The immediate synth textures create a canvas of sound in which the drums, guitar and bass can then shade with sound. Probably the most accomplished song on the EP, Synesthesia carries itself in a decent light and is notably shaped for popular radio.

Each song seamlessly changes from verse, chorus, bridge and break and clock in at around the three-minute mark; perfect length for an EP.  ‘About:Blank’ sees the quartet  moving forwards creativly from last years EP ‘When You’ve Made It,’ and it looks like the Drimnagh natives are embarking on a busy year in 2013.