Jericho Preachers Son Those who have been immersing themselves in the Irish music industry in the past few years will already be familiar with Preachers Son. Brian Hogan, formerly of Kíla, has been working for the past few years under the name of “Preachers Son” alongside a number of guest musicians and the recently released EP ‘Jericho’ is perhaps the group’s most tantalising release to date.

The five-track EP opens with a classic rock-style guitar riff as the title track eases in. The guitar and vocals dominate the recording, the former flawlessly intricate, the latter smooth yet deep. A bit of a slow burner, Jericho ultimately builds up to a boisterous finish in which the instrumental proficiency is effectively rammed into the listener’s ears. A softer acoustic version follows later in the EP.

The highlight comes from Should Have Been Gone which serves up a multi-cultural feast through its versatility of sound. Starting off with an Irish folk vibe it soon brings in muses from country blues a lá Johnny Cash through vocals and lamenting lyrics, with a Marrakesh feel carried in the string arrangements. Its hypnotic tune and catchy beat place it yards ahead of the songs either side of it.

Come On also delivers, with a simplistic chorus and – as is explained on Preachers Son’s Facebook page – a slathering of “guitar porn”. There truly is no better description for it. Appreciators of guitar mastery will lap this tune up.

Although short, the band’s skill and craftsmanship is highly evident on ‘Jericho’. Hogan is a gifted songwriter with commanding vocals and a talent for producing catchy, non-commercial tracks that will nestle neatly into any music lover’s collection.