Sit Down Sky‘Sit Down Sky’ is the debut album by Westmeath three-piece Neon Tetras. Released on the band’s own label Noel’s Fancy Records, ‘Sit Down Sky’ is an album with a strong indie ethic about it.

This album is predominantly a rock album, with fast-paced songs that demonstrate brilliant musicianship on all instruments, particularly drums. The aspect of the band’s sound that really stands out is Claffey’s voice. His singing style is highly unusual, and he has a very nasally tone when singing. It takes some time to get used to, but his voice fits with the music wonderfully well, and contributes to creating a truly unique sound.

The overall standard of the tracks is very high throughout the album, tracks such as Out Of Hand and Bastard File are stunning works of guitar ferocity that retain strong sense of melody throughout. There’s a brutal honesty in the lyrics of Bastard File; ‘everyday I’m told I’m a failure, why the fuck would I want to stay here,’ which are roared with meaning by Claffey, generating an angry atmosphere. But the band aren’t raging all the time, Fraction Faded is a more relaxed track that still radiates energy during the chorus, and closer Willow Park borders on cheery with its roving bassline.

Meme is the pick of the bunch, featuring an explosive chorus and a wonderful instrumental outro that bubbles with energy. Starting off quite darkly, the song develops and grows into a moving outro that includes a subtle string section that contributes greatly to the grandness of the sound.

‘Sit Down Sky’ is an intense album full of magnificent rock tracks that are full of depth and raw power. Claffey’s voice may initially seem very strange, but with a bit of patience this is an album that grows on the listener with each play, and is ultimately a hugely impressive effort.