My Sunday Hat are a Belfast four-piece who were formed towards the end of 2011. Describing themselves as the musical lovechild of Bon Iver, Explosions in the Sky, Ryan Adams and Tom Petty, they’re certainly a confident bunch. Their self-assurance is clearly audible in a sound which is far more mature than it should be for a band so young.

Whilst opening track, Further On Down The Line and closing song Explosions are both enjoyable, easy-listening tunes, it’s the mid-section of this three track EP, Cold Winter, which is clearly a cut above the rest. Patrick Haughan’s melancholic vocals give way to Darren McKay’s melodic, masterful guitar riffs that are as equally angst-ridden as they are awe-inducing. All of this results in a song that would slip seamlessly into the sets of numerous great anthemic rock bands, both past and present.

Given that the band only performed live together for the first time in January of this year, the quality of this EP is surprising and, with a year of gigging and recording behind them, who knows how far they could go. Lyrically intelligent, melodically tight and quietly self-confident, My Sunday Hat are a band who should be on the lips of many come 2013.