meltybrainsThere’s something different about Meltybrains? From their surreal high-energy live performances and weird on-stage antics to their trippy, alternative tunes, it’s difficult to pin down what Meltybrains? are about – something they themselves will agree with. Whatever it is though, they certainly piqué a lot of people’s curiosity.

The group met at NUI Maynooth and formed a rare musical bond; characterised by heavy experimental electro sounds intertwined with eerie voice-overs and skilled musicianship. They went on to play a number of live gigs over the past few years, including an impressive support slot with God Is An Astronaut in December.

Now their first EP has landed. ‘Free Kyle’ is the type of record that could have been uncovered from a field known for its unusual crop circles. Either that or it was the only remaining object in a graffiti-splattered loft after an Andy Warhol-style psychedelic shindig. Too specific? Have a listen and see.

Kicking off with the mellow Roland’s Entrance, you’re immediately sucked into their other-worldly realm. Brace yourself though, it’s about to get a lot weirder. Chocolate is MMMmmmMMMmmm is a hip hop track that could be challenging the genre’s often questionable lyrics, or perhaps Meltybrains? really do love bathing in chocolate sauce. Either way, instrumentally, it’s brilliant. M+M+M sounds like a message from the other side sitting over some catchy grooves and There’s Water Everywhere sounds like it’s literally dripping with water; wacky but at the same time dark with panicked undertones.

There are many levels to this album and a lot to love. ‘Free Kyle’ challenges convention and grabs its listener. At a time when it’s so difficult to be musically original Meltybrains? definitely make a fair go of it. Not to be criticised for being too wacky either – they’ve certainly got the talent to back it up. Oh and if you’re wondering, Kyle is a real person. That’s Kyle on the cover. He’s a Meltyfriend who moved to Alaska and, according to the group, “he’s pretty fly”. Fly enough to have a fly record named after him at least!

Listen to ‘Free Kyle’ here