Laura Elizabeth Hughes EP Review. Laura Elizabeth Hughes has already built up a strong reputation with close to two million views on her YouTube channel. She has gathered a lot of buzz on social media the past twelve months and her Fundit campaign was one of the most supported on the site, so with the release of her self-titled EP we can attempt to understand why she has caused something of a stir.

The recording opens with 8:7, a simple song with simple lyrics: ‘Scorn my love and scorn your heart/With empty chains and words unspoken’. Here it is the voice – not the somewhat uninspired lyrics – that draws the listener in right from the start, as her vocal is undoubtedly her best asset, balancing out with the rather mainstream-sounding lyrics.

In Who is That Stranger we see Hughes’ true lyrical skills which she seems to be holding back on other tracks. It is a hopeless tale detailing the end of a relationship and her soft, sighing vocals are entrancing, making this track the most enjoyable on the EP.

Softness is but one of the registers in her vocal range with Paper Thoughts displaying her diversity. It is a gentle tune on the whole but her voice is strong and a high note-reaching melody makes this a chilling number.  

Laura Elizabeth Hughes’ EP has been highly anticipated by a dedicated fanbase and the consistency from track to track explains why she deserves such support. A strong foundation has been set in place here and we can only hope that more is to come from this talented young woman.