Kocenbauwer is the work of Cork-based musician Kieran O’Callaghan.  The self- professed baroque pop and jazz rock enthusiast lays out the variety of his work in this five track demo and exposes the wealth of his ability as a musician.

Opening track Layman’s Blues welcomes the listener with a cool bluesy feel which originates from O’Callaghan’s voice, reinforced by the dominance of the saxophone on the track and rigid percussion.  The first track merges seamlessly into Unapologetic Youth. Again the sax takes centre stage from the opening, continuing the mood established earlier.

On The Take changes the demo’s direction by taking the listener from the established jazz-rock sounds of the previous tracks and exposing them to the act’s funk influences. Lyrically too the track is clever and the interaction between vocals and instrumentals makes it an easy listen.

Musically Midnight Hour is far more subtle, conveying the melancholy and reflective lyrics emitted for O’Callaghan’s texturally rich vocals.  Closing track, Choice Cut Risk is well chosen as it winds this demo to a close. Changes in timbre and hints of the elements which made previous tracks worthwhile carry the listener through the final three and a half minutes. The addition of keyboard also gives this a lighter feel whilst showing O’Callaghan’s skill as a musician.

At just five tracks, this demo is full of captivating moments.  Whether O’Callaghan is hinting towards his jazz and rock influences or pushing for a lighter sound, he makes his ability as a songwriter and musician clear to the listener. Overall this demo is promising. It reveals a solid sound and establishes O’Callaghan as a serious musician worth our attention.