When The Klares first came to the attention of GoldenPlec they had recently won a battle of the bands competition to fund their début EP ‘Dirty Birds’. At the time these Monkstown CBC students were in transition year. Two years later they’ve followed up with their sophomore EP, ‘Cookoo’. Thankfully the intervening years haven’t curbed the youthful exuberance which made their ‘Dirty Birds’ EP such an enjoyable listen. Their ages however shouldn’t be a barrier to see them creatively progressing. For all their zest you couldn’t exactly claim their first release was a beacon of originality as these teenagers were still very much in thrall of their influences such as The Small Faces, Arctic Monkeys  and Definitely Maybe era Oasis. While those influences are still in place, what is clear from the ‘Cookoo’ EP is that The Klares are steadily finding their own identity.

Title track Cookoo opens proceedings in rambunctious fashion, with each of the musical elements shoving and jostling for attention. Andy Burke on vocals is not a technically gifted singer but he is nonetheless the perfect voice for the band’s music, bringing an air of swagger and urgency. It’s matched by Eoin O’Shea’s lead guitar which is in a hurry to go places.

Make You Feel Alive and Dress To Impress live up to the opening track, both bristling with adolescent vigour and bluster. Armenian Bodyshop sees The Klares pause to take a short breath during the intro before sprinting off giddily. Singing about what they know, these tunes of teenage kicks and high jinx are completely suited to spiky music.

The ‘Cookoo’ EP doesn’t fully address questions of originality but this quibble is overshadowed by just how infectious the music is. It’s the sound of a young exciting band emerging from the pack of wannabes. The ‘Cookoo’ EP is another confident step forward for The Klares.