Belfast-based jazz and soul singer Katharine Timoney has been writing and performing since 2011 but it wasn’t until May of this year that her debut EP ‘Guilty Sin’ was released. It’s a record loaded with silky sounding piano, crashing cymbals and a heavy dose of attitude delivered with some beyond her years brooding vocals.

You’re To Blame is an upbeat track bursting with energy as Timoney attempts to draw the listener in from the offset. Lyrically it’s a memorable tune (“yeah clearly girls get wet at your sight/how little they must know on the night”) but the jazzy tones feel too forced and the song becomes somewhat clichéd as a result. Pianist John McCullough is the driving force behind Think You Know which shows a bit more originality than its predecessor.

Why Can’t We is a more laid-back affair with McCullough’s keys once again the glue holding everything together. Timoney’s lyrics are as brutally honest as they come (“Just wanna look into your eyes/don’t wanna have to fantasise”). Title track Guilty Sin is the pick of the bunch as Timoney finally finds her own sound and it’s a promising sign of things to come from the Northern Irish lady.

If Katharine Timoney continues to write songs which are lyrically as enjoyable and manages to match them up with a sound which makes her stand out from the crowd then there’s no reason that she can’t go on to much bigger and better things because Katharine Timoney has a voice worth listening out for.