SleeveLayout-DW.pdfImploded View (the nom de plume of Longford’s Jerome McCormick) is all about pastoral electronic music with the emphasis firmly placed on atmospherics rather than big beats or precision. His 2013 album ‘Anomaly Domine’ was warmly received including here at GoldenPlec. It seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry is getting a remix done these days and the source material on ‘Anomaly Domine’ was ripe for this sort of makeover. For ‘Mixed View’ it certainly wasn’t a case of phoning in Xzibit for a musical version of Pimp My Ride on some songs that were ready for the scrapyard, as there was a sound base to work form.

Highlights are not in short supply, with R.S.A.G (Rarely Seen Above Ground) providing a brilliant up tempo earthy shuffle to The Keeping. It really enhances the original to the point that it’s difficult to go back to listening to it again. Equally brilliant is when VHS Head takes the placid Julia Taxi and kicks it through the twilight zone until it stares back at you as its evil twin. Its industrial psychobabble resonates with menace.

Not that the source material is really lacking all that much, but the remixes mostly add a very different character to the originals and these versions are no less appealing. Scottish electronic musician Christ’s take on Above The Contrails is more subtle and doesn’t stray radically from the source but adds enough extra layers to provide it with added depth. The one exception is Yimino’s overly restrained version of Toy which isn’t as memorable as the original. It’s also worth mentioning that there are two original tracks on the EP with First Signs of Sadness proving especially noteworthy with its oblique Boards of Canada vibe. Over the course of the year, there will be plenty of remixes pining for attention but few will match the consistency of ‘Mixed View’.