I am Niamh EP cover. The cover says it all: I am Niamh is warm, safe and adorable. At least that’s what the music on the newly released, self-tilted EP would lead you to believe.

With just 5 tracks, it is short but enjoyable infusion of pop-tendencies and classical elements. Niamh is an incredibly talented singer and musician who combines her love of  modern mainstream music with her classical background.

Oscar begins with an enticing cello motif which Niamh follows with a blissful vocal of frustrated lyrics. This is the most intriguing and intense song on the EP, with the cello lending a rhythm that is absent from the other songs.  The more cheerful Home & Away delights thanks to its wonderful fast paced and intentionally slightly askew keyboards. It is a childlike song with endearing qualities that can be likened to She & Him’s material, particularly the timbre of Niamh’s vocals.

The EP finishes on Instead. A beautiful, melancholic number in which Niamh displays the genuine strength of her vocals and classical talent; ending the EP on an artistic and poignant note.

This is a delightful and understated EP by a  fascinating talent. It is one to savour in your collection and bask upon its surprising delights. A genuine treat to the ears, I am Niamh will surely become a treasure of the Irish music scene.