heavysoulsetitonfireThe most immediately striking thing about ‘Set it on Fire’ the new EP from Dublin/Edenderry based indie band Heavy Soul is not the music itself, but rather how much influence the band Kasabian has had on their sound. It is almost impossible to listen to any of the EP’s five tracks and not pick out the similarities between the two bands.

Of course this in no way diminished the fact that ‘Set it on Fire’ is also evidence of a great rock band in the early stages of development. If anything, their successful emulation of such a distinctive sound marks the band as a talent in their own right.

Right from the hard rocking, bluesy opening riff of title track Set it on Fire, Heavy Soul prove that they have a lot to offer. The interweaving layers or sound washing over the listener – jumping from quiet melodic interludes to fast paced riffs and drum fills. There is much more grandeur and confidence than would normally be expected from a young band. Maybe this is down to the reflection of their influences in their sound, maybe this is just because they are great musicians.

Happily, it should be noted that the more you actually listen to ‘Set it on Fire’, the more Heavy Soul come into their own. The opening track is followed by the equally impressive Into Oblivion and Shine a Light, both of which revel in the perfect the perfect balance between heaviness and softness. Perhaps the most important thing that Heavy Soul seem to have learned from bands like Kasabian is when to hold that energy back in restrain, and when to unleash it maximum effect.