554299_125381834276345_1744987268_nEvery once and a while an EP comes to the surface that really stands out from the pack. In recent years we had Two Door Cinema Club with ‘Four Words To Stand On’. This EP set them on their way to stardom. It is now quite possibly the turn of Hawklion. They have already been rewarded with airplay on BBC Radio 1 so things are looking good for them. This is only supported by the Dublin-based band’s first release ‘Gold And Silver’; a four-track EP that rolls in an agonisingly short fourteen and a half minutes.

It is hard to confine Hawklion to just one genre. The Dublin trio could easily fit in with any indie, pop or electronic acts out at the moment. Despite fitting into all these cliques ‘Gold And Silver’ sounds unique and exciting.

The EP bursts to life with the first song Gold And Silver which is a synth-heavy song with a strong drum tack to back it up. This combination is a mainstay throughout all 4 tracks. Song number two Rekord heralds the introduction of a much more obvious bass line that will stay with you long after you have finished with ‘Gold And Silver’.

Next up is Marseille which I’m sure will be seen by many as the stand out track of the four. The combination of synthesizer, bass, guitar, drums and vocal harmonies all blend seamlessly together to create a roaring track that sets the listener up perfectly for the last song. Bringing a close to their first EP is the song Y Tu.

In many ways there is nothing worse than a good EP. After 14 minutes of enjoyment it all fades to silence and we are left waiting for more. On this evidence, the first album from Hawklion is definitely one to look forward too. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long.