a3390522385_10After a jam-packed summer of well received festival appearances including KnockanStockan and Electric Picnic, bluegrass folk-rockers Gypsy Rebel Rabble released their debut studio album ‘Take My China’ to a captive audience at Dublin’s Workman’s Club in September. The eclectic mix of tracks on the album assure there is something for everyone no matter what your musical taste is, from upbeat rockabilly songs to soft and gentle ballads, this offering can appeal to everyone.

Bastard Baby Brown is fast and exciting with rough and ready vocals from Ian Bermingham that will be sure to make you stomp your foot along while you enjoy the story told in the poetic lyrics. Songs like Nothing But Time give the record the heart that make it so endearing. Harmonies that will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck are nicely accompanied by some sweet violin playing, making this one of the stand out tracks.

Save Me is yet another heart-felt tune, even more tasty harmonies from vocalists Bronagh Keogh and Katie Lynn make it clear that this album is truly something special. The lullaby vibe of the song immediately draws the listener in to the beautiful story told within the lyrics. One of the most appealing aspects of the album is the blend of voices, from raw male vocals to soft female leads you never know who you are going to hear next, which add an air of excitement and anticipation to the record.

The title track Take My China is most definitely the strongest song on the release, the catchy chorus combined with the energetic melody and rumbling double bass will leave it resounding in your head long after the final note. The fast-paced nature of the album takes a brief break as Secret Tea offers you a chance to sway and appreciate the breath-taking harmonies that are a staple in this fantastic collection of songs. Blue Water Consistency is completely different to the rest of the album, the mind-blowing piano playing and effortless vocals make this track an alluring end to a top-notch album.

With ‘Take My China’ Gypsy Rebel Rabble have set a whole new standard for debut releases, showing other bands in their league how it’s done, this from start to finish it is nothing short of an unsigned masterpiece , every song is unique, carefully composed and a must hear for any music lover.