Greg Clifford EP With an EP and a full length album already under his belt in 2013, Greg Clifford could be forgiven for easing up as the year draws to a close. Easing up isn’t Clifford’s style though and this month see’s  the release of ‘Confessions’; a three track EP and yet another addition to his rapidly growing back catalogue.

This release seems to mark a conscious effort on Clifford’s part to embrace a more commercial sound.  Opening track Confessions of A Man is certainly one his most radio friendly songs to date.  A solemn  country tinged ballad, it has shades of Ryan Adams to it and with its big chorus it has the potential to  be Clifford’s breakthrough song.

 Take Off Your Mask shares the same positives as the opener; big chorus, some deft guitar playing and  slick production. It shows the singer’s versatility too; he changes up and adopts a more blue driven sound.  The switch of style doesn’t fade Clifford who sounds equally adept on this one.

Wandering Man is more of the same; another well written acoustic orientated track, one that features some exquisite flute playing. Less impressive are the lyrics. The tale of the wandering man ‘who’s gonna rock ‘n’ rock till the day I die’ has been heard a thousand times before and feels clichéd.

While neither game changing or ground breaking this is still a fine EP and represents another stride forward for Clifford. His talent lies in his ability to put a song together. The arrangement on these three tracks is excellent; a fine mix of acoustic guitar, subtle drum and bass, flute, violin and horns. His prolificacy must be commended too; he’s churning out music at a rapid rate. More importantly, its music of good quality.  Ever evolving, Clifford plans moving away from the acoustic orientated style of this EP and doing more electric driven material in 2014. Whatever path his career takes, you can expect to hear a lot more about him in 2014.