In 2012, as Hurricane Sandy battered the east coast of America, this Dublin quartet were in the thick of things – hiding from the chaotic weather in Magpie Cage studio in Baltimore recording ‘I’m Dead’.

The band’s debut album jumps from genre to genre on a track by track basis as The Glimmermen refuse to be placed in a box amongst other artists.

Despite  the band being tagged as rock on Soundcloud, the album opens with a curve ball in the title track. This ska infused pop song would sound at home on any Madness record with a bouncing double bass complementing the chorus’ melody nicely.

It’s no surprise that the band sound as experienced as they do, most of the members have been playing music with different groups for a long time. Lead singer Gavin Cowley will be known to many as one half of rock duo Boxes,  appropriately named J BASSetti has formerly brought rhythm to Jackbeast while the man behind the sticks Phil Murray was the drummer for Holy Ghost Fathers in a previous life. These seasoned campaigners give the album an accomplished and professional sound that would leave you surprised to learn that it’s their debut.

The album’s raw sound is something quite refreshing in a world where over-produced pop music dominate the charts. The band was aiming to capture the live noise of musicians performing in a room to 2 inch tape and it works well. No frills, nothing fancy, just good music.

The band leave behind their pop and ska influences on There Was A Boy and show us their skills as a rock band. The brass section gives the song a unique and exciting twist. The  stand out track on the album is the fast-paced, indie anthem Last Song. The jingle jangle guitar work accompanied with an addictive sing-along chorus will have you nodding away to this one for the rest of the day.

At just over a half an hour long with only nine tracks, ‘I’m Dead’ is a strong debut that has something for everyone. Definitely worth having a listen.