American jazz rockers Steely Dan have previously said in interviews that they only put vocals on their tracks to make them more commercial and radio friendly, with such a decision obviously proving very lucrative. Enemies manage to attract an army of fans and perform electrifying live shows by relying solely on their amazing musicianship. Even without vocals they are still on par with many of their peers and are much loved regulars on Ireland’s festival circuit.

Recently the band released a remixed version of their 2013 EP Embark, Embrace. Remixed by the band themselves, it was a great way to give a new lease of life to an old release. But in this case it could be argued that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Love Unlimited starts of promising, as it sways and flows in and out of classic Enemies and techno influences. However, sixty seconds in you would be forgiven for completely losing interest. The track is monotonous from start to finish and it fails to ever reach an epic moment, the whole song is like a build up to something that never happens.

Nighthawks is as equally disappointing, the arrangement is sloppy and the song is over before you can even get your ears around what is going on. The intro is long and tedious and the entire song just feels like something is missing.

The strongest track by far is Coral Castleit is bursting with energy and laced with the character and attitude that the other songs are missing. On this track, the band just got everything right. It is exciting and playful, and you get the impression that if the rest of the track had followed the same recipe, the release would have been a lot stronger.

In theory, this was a fantastic idea. But, Enemies failed to hit the back of the net. The EP’s original mix is stimulating and this change up does nothing to reinforce that. Although, it is brave and admirable to try something so daring, in future Enemies need to stick to what they do best.