Delorentos have came a long way since their debut effort ‘In Love With Detail’ was released over a decade ago. There’s been four other albums (including 2011’s Choice Prize-winning ‘Little Sparks’), a near band split, marriages, the birth of kids and copious amounts of touring in the interim, but not much has really slowed them down. ‘True Surrender’ is their fifth studio release and it reflects the growth of the quartet over their career; what they’ve learned and what they’ve chosen to surrender themselves to.

While the infectious indie guitar riffs are far less prevalent than on previous albums, the addition of synthetic beats fits in with the vocal pairing of Ro Yourell and Kieran McGuinness far more than you’d initially expect it to. Stormy Weather opens proceedings delicately, the vocals of Yourell floating above delicate piano and guitar to give an apt opening to the most heartfelt and real album Delorentos have released to date.

This is followed by Islands, which utilises the contrasting vocals of Yourell and McGuinness with an uplifting synthetic beat and tying it all together to create an ethereal track. The hooky chorus of “you and me are islands and we don’t care // out on the sea miles from anywhere” becomes more likeable on every listen and firmly instates Islands as one of the strongest tracks on the album.

Love Me For Who I Am sees stick-wielder Ross McCormick take the helm on vocals, with the additional backing vocals adding intricate layers and texture to the heavily synthesized track. Am I Done is an elegant and retrospective track, no doubt reflecting on the anxieties that the band have spoken about in the past.

In Darkness We Feel Our Way and In The Moment were both released earlier this year and served to whet the appetite of fans for what would come. ‘True Surrender’ is a different avenue for Delorentos and it’s refreshing to see them explore a new path, however, one qualm with the album is that there are a few tracks that don’t shine as bright as the others.

Deep in the Heart and Eagle Eye are two in particular that don’t sit as well as other tracks, both at opposite ends of the album. While they are far from being bad, they just lack the same impact as some other tracks on show.

However, album closer Just Like Everybody Else is the closest to older Delorentos that is shown on the album and with it carries uplifting vibes through elaborate lead guitar and a solid foundation formed by the rhythm section of Nial Conlan and McCormick. It dissects the fact that we’re all unique, just like everybody else; “I wasn’t meant to be like this // I was supposed to be special // just like everybody else.”

‘True Surrender’ is honest to its title throughout and sees the inner workings of the band being explored, giving an honest portrayal of growing up and really stepping into adult shoes. After travelling to Spain to record their fifth album only to rip it all up and start again, it feels more raw and heartfelt, with every lyric oozing with authenticity, evidence of a band who aren’t afraid to bear it all.

‘True Surrender’ will be released on 27th April. Delorentos are set to play their biggest headline show to date at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre on the 10th of November.