CrowBlack Chicken Rumble ShakeHailing from the blues mecca of the Deep South, Crow Black Chicken are genuine rock and rollers. This Tipperary threesome have been making heads bang since 2009, but it wasn’t until their appearance on the BBC’s Introductory Stage at Glastonbury three years ago that they really started making waves.

Following a successful crowd funding campaign the band have just released their sophomore album ‘Rumble Shake’. Picking up where their critically acclaimed debut ‘Electric Soup’ left off, the new record is packed full of blues infused rock and roll gems.

As they sing in the opening track Hang Em High, ‘Rumble Shake’ “takes no prisoners”. Straight from the get go the album grabs you by the ears and doesn’t let go. If you’re organising your collection by genre this album should sit comfortably between Creedance Clearwater Revival’s greatest hits (we all have one) and Rory Gallagher’s ‘Tattoo’.

Priest Hunter sees the band ease off on the gas a little and give those of us bouncing around the place a much needed breather. And the band uses the opportunity to leave the rock behind for a song or two and explore their folk side. Of course, this isn’t Woodie Guthrie slowly finger picking his way around an acoustic guitar singing about whose land this is, but it does show that the Crow Black Chicken are no one trick ponies.

This is the sort of album you can imagine sound tracking a bar fight in a place crowded with ZZ Top look-a-likes with motor bikes lined up outside like dominos. This is red-blooded, leather-wearing, tattooed rock and fucking roll at its finest.  The record’s closing track Sit With Satin is definitely a stand out point.

If music had a smell Crow Black Chicken would stink of whiskey, smoke and a damn good time. ‘Rumble Shake’ is a very solid second outing from a band that are going from strength to strength.