Cove EP

Cove are an intriguing new band. Originally from Tipperary, comprised of Philly Ryan and Colm Connolly, they combine electronic sounds with intelligent pop hooks, while still managing to maintain an indie-pop vibe. The ‘Cove EP’ is the first release from this band.

The EP opens with Slow City. Starting with a melancholy guitar riff, the song bursts to life in the chorus with a sparkling synth-line and up-lifting vocals. It’s a bright start to the record, and it only gets better. Killing Joke is a belter with a verse full of electronic effects before blooming to a wonderful chorus expanded by the various electronic effects that fade in and out. The vocals are relaxed and a little reserved and this contrasts fantastically with the action-packed backdrop that they emerge out of. Killing Joke is a little more melancholy than the other tracks, but it is a very strong track nevertheless.

Health again features a slow intro that expands into a wondrous chorus. The build-up section lasts quite a while, but then the song explodes into a swooping, electro-filled chorus. Faint shouts teeter in the background, creating a glorious atmosphere of euphoric glee.  Final track Guests veers off in a different direction to the other tracks, featuring a very dance-y drumbeat and bassline. It’s a big departure from the style displayed throughout the rest of the EP, and is not as immediately engaging as a song when compared with Killing Joke, but it is charming in its own way. The biggest problem here is the way the vocals are greatly distorted. The band use this technique sparingly throughout the EP, but it’s overdone on Guests, and it’s difficult to make out the vocals at all.

The ‘Cove EP’ is far from perfect, and there is a sense that the band is still trying to find a niche to slot into. But there are some catchy tunes in there that are well worth a listen, and Cove are certainly a band to watch out for. Their first offering is a compelling and complex listen.