Chase-and-Status-Brand-New-MachineChase & Status have come a long way since meeting at University in 2003. Saul Milton (Chase) and Will Kennard (Status) have since released three studio albums and collaborated with major artists such as Plan B and Example.

In October the duo released ‘Brand New Machine’  after a jam packed summer of festival appearances including Download and Reading Festival. The first track on the album Gun Metal Grey is much darker than what the band’s fans will be used to. The opening piano parts are haunting and bring a sense of suspense while you wait for the track to really kick. The robotic vocals featured on the song are hypnotizing when this is blended with melting guitar riffs it is nothing short of a top notch tune that kicks the record off to a great start.

International has strong elements of both reggae and dubstep. The song starts off very promising but gets somewhat repetitive. The melody is fantastically catchy, but the song never really hits a high point which makes it a bit of a let down.

Count On Me is probably the strongest song on the release. It is like a throw back to nineties dance but with a modern twist. The pounding piano automatically makes you want to dance and the lyrics are infectious. Moko’s vocals are world class and when mixed with Chase & Status’ slick production, it is an instant hit.

Gangsta Boogie again features elements of dubstep and more robotic style vocals. Rapper Knytro is the highlight of the track, his voice almost melts over the backing track  and merges well with the heavy percussion.

Lost & Not Found is not like anything else on the album. It is almost like it is written for radio play. The fast drum machines are accompanied with soft and slow vocals. Like many of the other songs on the album it is catchy and is blended with elements of different genres.

This release will no doubt be well received by Chase & Status’ hardcore fans. The eclectic mix of genres will also ensure that more fans come on board, it really does offer something for everyone. The incredible production that has catapulted their success is ever present, and ‘Brand New Machine’ will do nothing but good things for the pair’s reputation.