BressieIt’s been a year and a half since Bressie’s debut solo album ‘Colourblind Stereo’ earned him an iTunes number one and a seat next to Sharon Corr on The Voice of Ireland. The former Blizzard has returned with a new sound and a new album entitled ‘Rage And Romance.’

Recorded in Eastcote Studios in London, co-written by James Walsh (formerly of Starsailor) and produced by Eliot James (Bloc Party & TDCC debut albums), the Mullingar native has ditched the overly poppy choruses in favour of a more contemporary vibe, capable of encouraging new listeners of varied tastes.

Rage And Romance tops the bill with a Marc Boland inspired riff and subtle vocals. The main driven hook is slightly out of time – this works and adds a substantial groove. Those musical elements familiar of the Blizzards (who Bressie achieved two top five albums with), have disappeared entirely. This feels a more grown up attitude towards making music.

Show Me Love is the first release from the full length album and one that Goldenplec readers may be aware of. It marries a glam-rock guitar sound with an avant-garde approach that ticks the box of every teen in the country.

We visit Her Every Flaw Her Every Virtue and its thin, single-noted walking guitar lines combined with a double vocal – quite like the softer Biffy pop anthems. However, the chorus is lacking in a truly infectious melody and the song disappoints.

Things really hit the mark with Silence Is Your Saviour. It feels modern, relevant and is likely to be a single in the coming months. It’s a simple track which crosses genres and also has the potential to be a club track with the trend of remixes attaching themselves to anyone and everyone these days. The hooky synth gives the song an arcane texture and the guitar never lets up; keeping the less pop-friendly ears still happy. This is the most accomplished song on the record and also attributes its lyrics to dealing with fame and anxiety; something Bressie himself has admitted suffering from in the past.

Two’s A Crowd visits a somber tone and has a beautifully warm brass collection at the beginning. The co-writing of Walsh is clear here, in terms of the arrangement. The tremolo effected guitar adds tremendous mood in the second verse and there on after. Definitely a song one can chill to.

With over seven hundred and fifty thousand weekly viewers tuning in to watch the Voice, and friendship with One Direction star Niall Horan being well-documented, now appears a smart time for Bressie’s album release. In this writer’s opinion, ‘Rage And Romance’ is a solid radio friendly ensemble, enough to spin you in your chair. Catch Bressie on his nationwide tour in May.