Bleeding Heart Pigeons EPChosen by GoldenPlec as one of the Plec Picks for 2014, Bleeding Heart Pigeons are regarded as one of the most promising bands in Ireland at the moment. On their debut EP ‘In a Room in Littleton, Colorado’, the teenage three-piece show just why, producing a record that more than justifies the hype surrounding them.

Having signed to Virgin Records, played support to Little Green Cars and featured on Other Voices in the past twelve months, it should come as no surprise that their maiden offering is brimming with confidence. Album opener Visiting Me in Hospital certainly has a level of poise and assurance to it that defies the band’s young age. A soaring, infectious slice of electro pop it brings to mind early Bloc Party/Two Door Cinema Club and serves as a perfect introduction to the band, capturing their raw, energetic sound.

It’s followed by Premeditation, a song that shows the darker side to their repertoire. A sparse, introspective number about the Columbine High School Massacre, if the opener was the party then this one is the comedown. Over seven minutes long, its inclusion is a bold move; you won’t find many bands brave enough to include a song so unconventional on their debut.

If including a seven minute song on your debut EP is brave then following it with another seven minute song borders on arrogance. Catharsis sees the band return to the electro pop feel of the opener, filling the song’s lengthy running time with a barrage of fevered synths, glistening guitar breaks and frantic drumming. It all makes for enthralling listening with the results again drawing comparisons to Two Door Cinema Club.

With another EP imminent and talk of a full length album later in the year, this really is going to be a big twelve months for these young men. Judging by the maturity and talent displayed on this offering they are more than ready for anything that comes their way.