Moonshine EP Bennet VS MatrixWhile the name Bennet Vs Matrix may conjure up the exact opposite, this band is a delightful five piece, soft-rock band with an infusion of Morrisette-style folk. Their second release, ‘Moonshine’, is not something to scream and shout about, however it has got a certain quaint quality that renders it endearing.

Opening song Steps is a charming number with a favourable “boy vs girl” feel. The opposing vocals work very well together, however the track just seems to fall flat for me, you want it to be infectious but it fails to be that earworm. This is a repeating theme in this EP: songs of great potential that in reality simply peter out.

Similarly, Quake opens on a compelling riff, only to fade into something more radio-friendly and less urgent. Separate Beds, on the other hand, starts as it means to go on: gently and inoffensively. This song is perhaps the strongest on the EP with its sweet vocals and an air of lamentation.

‘Moonshine’ is not the most outstanding EP you will come across, however Bennet VS Matrix do have something likeable about them. The music on this EP may not leave you stunned to have unearthed a new gem, but perhaps will insert itself as a band to keep an eye on for future releases. The potential is certainly there.

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