For anyone who is in any way aware of the the UK metal scene, it will have been hard to miss all the fuss made about Brighton foursome, Architect‘s new album: Lost Forever //Lost Together. So for people who maybe didn’t ‘get’ the band years ago, is it worth a listen? Does it live up to the buzz around it? The short answer is simply: yes.

The album showcases a more mature sound that is often not found in this genre; the album is set to be their most successful and most accepted album to date, which is entirely fair. Their last release ‘The Here And The Now’ split opinions between fans and critics alike, and this album shows that they’re back and they’re ready to stay.

‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’ shows the heavier side of Architects, however the band have said that they believe that the message in the album is more positive and hopeful than it’s predecessors; despite the fact that it deals with themes such as religious fundamentalism (Broken Cross), Cancer (C.A.N.C.E.R) and  nuclear disasters (Colony Collapse).

Vocally, Sam Carter has never sounded so good, with a blend between clean and unclean vocals throughout, his vocal range really impresses. Moreover the album has some very intelligent and thought provoking lyrics that are emphasised by the passion in Carter’s voice.

Six albums in and the band have never really got the recognition that they deserve, having seen many other bands come and ‘pass them out’ (in terms of selling out shows and selling albums), sometimes unjustly; however this album should see them finally get what they have long awaited. ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’  has the vicious and aggressive sound that got Architects noticed, but this, coupled with the maturity and experience that the band have attained, makes this album filled with pure talent and an addictive and impressive sound.