April has more than justified the hype surrounding her with the release of her debut EP, ‘New Conditions’, a sleek and sultry collection of lo-fi bedroom pop; pristinely plotted with lush, ethereal vocals.

The quality of ‘New Conditions’ is undeniable and places April firmly at the forefront of the exciting wave of female acts currently emerging around Ireland, including Denise Chaila and Patricia Lalor.

‘New Conditions‘ showcases April’s emotive vocal delivery across four deeply personal tracks that can at times feel like diary entries, they are so revealing.

“Mama, please listen. Something is missing, I don’t feel the same in my skin. I wake in the evening and sleep through the morning, I feel as though I’ll never win,” she declares on highlight The Impossible Task of Feeling Complete.

It is precisely these dark, revealing snippets into the Kildare native’s world which make April’s music so engaging. Although the themes are dark and sorrowful it never feels like April is wallowing in her emotions, but rather working her way through them.

This is helped no doubt by the compact nature of the EP – with a running time of just 12 minutes and 17 seconds April has little time to make her case and move on to the next subject.

‘New Conditions’ will appeal to fans of Arlo Parks, Biig Piig and Joy Crookes, but April’s voice is unmistakably her own.