310018_593705993975719_545417759_nThe backbone of the Irish music scene are the army of strong female musicians rocking out and doing their thing, and showing their male counterparts how it’s done time and time again. One thing there is no shortage of is, incredible female singers who are getting themselves noticed with their flawless vocals. One of these strong female vocalists is Northern Ireland based singer songwriter Amanda St John, who has just released her debut EP ‘Where Is The Man’.

The first song on the record is Reach, the song is beautifully composed and has a fantastic Celtic feel throughout. Amandas’s voice has a very definitive tone and rasp and her control is admirable. However, the song is plagued with meaningless lyrics that fail to really attract the listener. Nothing about the song lyrically, make it stand out. The lack of strong chorus or lip biting lyrics, really let this track down. While listening you are waiting for something big and epic to happen yet it never materialises, which is very disappointing.

On You’ll Never Change there is a lot of heartbreak and sincere emotion. Amanda’s vocals are genuine and candid, but yet again the lyrics seem hollow, which prevent the track from being a real crowd pleaser.  Where Is The Man is undoubtedly the best song on the record. The chorus is captivating and memorable, and will be trending in your head long after you’ve listened to it. The track really saves what is a very mediocre EP.

Another noticeable flaw on this EP is the unprofessional production. The overall sound on the record is of very low quality and almost makes it hard to endure, perhaps if the recording wasn’t so flawed it may of gone some way in covering up the rest of the lacklustre parts of the EP. For the most part, this release is tedious and dull, and Amanda St John will really need to up her game if she is ever going to be seen as real competitor