// Who now?

“Bagels: a foursome with a love of crushing post rock – and carbohydrates.”

// Have you been to Knockanstockan before? If yes, what is your favourite memory? If not, what are you looking forward to most?

“We were at KnockanStockan last year – we pretty much had the best craic ever recorded in modern history. The best memory probably has to be waking up to an unknown head, lacking any sort of distinguishable eyes, hand, and bottle of beer sliding their way into our tent asking if there was “a party in here?” It was 8 in the morning.”

// Who would you recommend seeing at the festival?

“I mean, you could pretty much enjoy most bands at KnockanStockan, that’s the beauty of it. But among our list of favourites would be: The Witch Trials, Megacone, New Secret Weapon, Overhead The Albatross, Bitch Falcon, Syd Arthur, Travis Oaks, No Spill Blood, Red Enemy, Not Monsters, Cult Called Man, to name but a few … The list really just goes on. You should also go and see Thundercat when he plays his dream KnockanStockan set he’s been waiting his whole life for.”

// Describe your upcoming KnockanStockan set?

“Our set at KnockanStockan this year is probably going to be our best one yet. We’ve gone a bit mental as far as production goes. The set is filled with random stuff to basically maximise banter levels like. As far as music is concerned it’s gonna be a fairly loud, energetic one – we hope!”

// If you could pull a Kanye-at-Glasto during your set and include a ridiculous prop during your set, what would it be and why?

“That’s a tough one … Can we just have Kanye stall up? If that’s not on the cards I would actually love to just have a gigantic trampoline and just do flips and shit mid-set. Can you imagine that like? I mean, we try to make our sets exciting and stuff but huge trampoline would really bounce energy levels sky high. Puns.”

// What is your go-to festival meal?

“Usually we’re pretty easy as far as food goes, pork pies will do the job like. But Jesus Christ above, have you tried the pizzas from the bus at KnockanStockan? I fell in love at that bus. Mind. Blown. They better be ready for us this year, is all I’m saying.”

// What plans do you have coming up for the rest of the year?

“Plans for the rest of the year basically just consist of writing an album and doing our best to get it recorded/start on releasing it and all that jazz. All the boring stuff like … Really though we’re pretty happy with it. Come see us at KnockanStockan and get a wee preview, as well as all the family favourites the nation has learned to love and cherish.”