In this week’s round-up of the best new Irish music the year of the collab continues a pace with Joy Crookes and Jafaris teaming up for Early. Read our interview with Joy Crookes here.

Fresh from their appearance on Soccer Saturday (shocking touch lads) The Clockworks deliver their finest single to date.

Cork born, London based rapper Biig Piig delivers a glimpse into her first EP since signing for RCA. Sorcha Richardson continues the build-up to her long awaited debut album with Honey.

Ex-LeGalaxie man Dave McGloughlin delivers his debut single as Fakenamé.

All this and new tunes from Somebody’s Child, David Keenan, Columbia Mills and Drew Hall.

Joy Crookes & Jafaris

Somebody’s Child

Biig Piig

Sorcha Richardson

Dermot Kennedy

Niall Horan


David Keenan

Columbia Mills

Drew Hall

The Clockworks

Maija Sofia