GoldenPlec’s Best Quotes of 2013

GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Best Quotes

It has been a busy year for GoldenPlec writers. We’ve conducted a grand total of almost 90 interviews and spoken to some of the biggest names and freshest faces in the music industry. In case you missed any we’ve compiled the best quotes for you in one handy feature. To read the interviews in full simply click on the link below each act.

GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Bombay 79 150x150“The last time we were in Dublin we went to a place called Copper Face Jacks, it seemed like there were a load of policemen and a load nurses and it seemed like they were all copping off with one another. That was eh, fun.”
Bombay Bicycle Club in conversation with Greg Synnott.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 “Listening to Marley gave me the reggae tinge that you hear in my music now. A lot of the songs I’ve written wouldn’t be possible without what I went through.”

Damien Dempsey spoke to Gavin O’Leary about influences and battling depression.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 576638 10152382978674517 1187202744 n 200x200“I think Nile just wanted to do something and reached out to us. [...] Some of his stories are insane. I have a video of him doing Sister Sledge sitting like a foot away from me. It was magical. ”

Disclosure’s Guy Lawrence spoke to Anna Job about working with Nile Rodgers.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Interpol at The Olypmia theatre December 1st 2010 4 150x150“I would very much like to score a film, and I would like to explore instrumental music and hip-hop instrumental music. Or hip-hop where other people rap on my beats.”

Interpol’s frontman Paul Banks in conversation with David Dooley



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Neyo Interview  150x150“The genre of R&B itself has to evolve. The caterpillar has to turn into a butterfly at some point. R&B is based on tradition. Out of respect for tradition you don’t want to mess with the original recipe too much but you’ve got to add some other spices in there in order for it to live. So that is the current dilemma. To where the traditional people stay happy but the new generation gets a taste and digs it too.”

– Ne-Yo on changes in R&B in conversation with Anna Job



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Hozier The Button Factory 031013 0237 200x200“The lyrics aren’t that cryptic. It’s funny if friends ask if a song is about someone and the answer is mainly no because elements of songs are from different times and places, a combination of loads of different ideas. It’s like working in a junk yard, combining lots of different material. You could list off everything but it’s never as simple as just one meaning or one person.”

Hozier in conversation with Anna Job



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Volcano Choir Repave 200x200“It sounded great to us and it was what we were trying to express. We’re all very honoured and grateful for all the attention it has gotten so far. Being able to go out and share that with an audience is great. ”

Volcano Choir’s Jon in conversation with Gavin O’Leary on their second album Repave.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 BASTILLEatOLYMPIAonOCTOBER25th 8 200x200“Yeah, genuinely Kyle has the taste of a seven-year old girl. He’s obsessed with Disney films and there’s a lot of foods he doesn’t eat and he had never drunk coffee. That was genuinely the first time in his life he drank coffee and he was buzzing the whole day, bouncing off the walls, it was hilarious!”

Bastille’s Dan on Keyboard player Kyle in conversation with Vanessa Monaghan.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Cast of Cheers Saturday @ Electric Picnic 2012 by Sean Smyth 7 150x150“We had one for the first tour, and we were all like ‘CHECK IT OUT’ and then we realised we can’t tour like this when we lost all our money”

Cast of Cheers’ Conor Adams on fancy tour buses in conversation with Greg Synnott



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Cover Battle Bo 300CMYK 150x150“I’ll play a Seven Eleven. There was an offer, too. I don’t think the rest of the guys were into it, but I’d have played for slurpees”.

The Killers’ Ronnie Vanucci spoke to James Hendicott about wanting to get back on the tour circuit after their hiatus.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Delphic 150x150“It generally depends with journalists whether you get let into their little club… and they generally say the same things as each other.”

Delphic in conversation with Jonathan Klein.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 stornoway review 200x200“I clearly recall a phone conversation with my lab partner in final year, with whom I was meant to be in the library – when actually I was in Tober Moray preparing for the first show of a tour. It was unexpected! And felt quite amazing, to be able to go straight from my last exam to a plane bound for NYC, for our first American shows.”

Stornoway’s Oli Steadman spoke to James Hendicott.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 3X4R8374 12 150x150“This is a massive economic downturn. What are we going to do here as far as promoting the arts? This should be the time that we are pointing people towards our country. We have a harp on our passport. We’re the only country I’ve seen with a musical instrument on the cover of our passport.”

The Script’s Mark Sheehan in conversation with Anna Job.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Little Green Cars at Electric Picnic by Yan Bourke on 31081302 199x300“If you want a little car, it should probably be an old Fiat 500 because it’s probably the most ludicrous, ridiculous looking car you could possibly have.” says Stevie Appleby.

“I like the Nissan Micra I have now, I’d probably just paint that green,” says Faye.

Adam goes the rock star route with a flashy “Mark 2 Golf, a convertible from 1987, they did a dark green car.”

– Little Green Cars’ Stevie, Faye and Adam discuss their favourite automobiles in conversation with Vanessa Monaghan.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Foy Vance at The Sugar Club 0462 150x150“Bruce Springsteen obviously. You know why they call him the Boss don’t you? It’s because he is the fucking boss.”

Foy Vance on his influences in conversation with Niall Swan.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 30 seconds 200x200“We went to battle. Our record company sued us for 30 million dollars and we filmed it all. It was a really challenging period of time. It’s good to share that. This battle will always be a part of our story and we learned a lot from it”

Thirty Seconds to Mars’ Jared Leto spoke to Anna Job about their new documentary Artifact.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Mumford and Sons @ The Phoenix Park on 14 7 13 8 of 23 200x200“Everything’s cyclical. Things just go around and come back, and the reason for our success… we don’t really know. For us, it was quite an insular little world for a while. We were just playing songs to each other, and then in the pub to twenty people. And then a few years later you’re headlining Glastonbury. It’s quite strange, really, and a bit miraculous that it’s happened. We can’t really explain it, it’s just bizarre for us.”

Mumford and Sons spoke to James Hendicott about their popularity.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 valerie june 150x150“I can remember my parents taking us to Chuckie Cheese’s restaurant, and the animals were all in a band. The coolest one was a giant gorilla. That along with Walt Disney’s Sing-Along Bare Necessities and I had a bug to begin bellowing at the top of my lungs like I was in a band!”

Valerie June in conversation with Gavin O’Leary.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 1459128 10152435595709517 618417099 n 200x200“We knew nothing. At one of our first gigs an A&R came down and asked ‘Does the band have a lawyer?’. We were all like ‘My god, we’re gonna sign on the day! At the gig!’, which, obviously would never happen because it takes about five months to draw up proper contracts. You have these meetings, and while you’re in them you’re thinking ‘God this is all amazing’ and you come out and you’re like ‘Eh, so, what exactly happened?…No idea.’”

London Grammar’s Dot in conversation with Anna Job.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Jimmy Eat World 150x150“I always look at people who have jobs for a really long time and I have a lot of respect for the person who’s doing their job for twenty, thirty, forty years and we’re becoming that dude. We’re feeling that pressure now, we’ve been doing this for twenty years like, if we suck, what are we doing?”

Jimmy Eat World in conversation with Greg Synnott.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Bullet+for+My+Valentine+dxc  ru2540558 150x150“We’re all eager to get back out there you know, world domination and all that. We’re still thirsty and trying to be the biggest band we can possibly be, and widen our fan base with the new songs.”

Bullet For My Valentine’s Jason in conversation with Darragh Faughey.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Kodaline at the Olympia 2013 7521 200x200“Last year [at Electric Picnic] we played Body and Soul at like two o’clock, to about a hundred or two hundred people and we were over the moon with that. But to come home and play the main stage this year was bonkers.”

Kodaline spoke to Anna Job about their rapid rise.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 “When you suddenly find yourself getting yelled at by someone who is actually your boss, suddenly you’re putting on your ‘Johnny Paycheck’ records and thinking about how much you wanna just do anything else.”

They Might Be Giants in conversation with Sean Noone.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 banner Stereophonics at The O2 on 12 11 13 1 of 1 200x200“We’re in the latter parts of our thirties now, in regards to the youthful exuberance and craziness, we’ve not so much slowed down but prioritised when we can go crazy now. It’s a natural progression. As long as we get a day off then we can let our hair down the night before.”

Stereophonics in conversation with Niall Swan.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Wheatus @ The Button Factory Abe Tarrush 14 200x200“It’s a collection of post-apocalyptic love songs. I wanted to explore the idea of reconstituting society, fighting zombies, and trying to maintain some kind of romantic relationship at the same time. Is it possible to fall in love when you’re learning how to hunt in the canyons of New York?”

Wheatus’ frontman Brendan B Brown met with Bernard O’Rourke and discussed the new record ‘The Valentine LP’.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 LOCALNATIVESatOLYMPIAonOCT242013 013 200x200
“It’s tough cos’ you have to write your own story. I think we’re realising that. You can’t really mould yourself after any one band or anything like that.”

Local Natives in conversation with David Dooley.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 IMG 7131 49 150x150“…every artist wants to be recognised for their work. As an artist who often gets judged before people have even heard me, I think, in a way, it’s even more important for me.”

Roisin O in conversation with Thelma Harris on her family connections.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 1391780 10152287352854517 156406038 n 200x200
“I don’t think it’s dying at all, there’s not much money in it [for new artists]. I know this sounds like a cliche but fuck the money.”

MØ spoke to Anna Job about the changes in the music industry.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 thestatics 200x200
“She was just baiting the drums, you could feel the energy in the room. We knew straight away.”

– The Statics in conversation with Stephen Byrne on hiring drummer Jacqueline Campion.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 James Vincent McMorrow NYE in Vicar Street by Owen Humphreys 4 199x300

“People call me a folk musician because I’ve got a guitar. That to me is incredibly shortsighted. I just did what I wanted with this record because, with the first one, I felt like it was pushed and pulled a bit by the world that it was entering into.”

James Vincent McMorrow spoke to Alice Goodwin about being confined to one genre.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 IMG 1521 12 150x150“So far I’ve left myself as a blank canvas every time I travel, just to see where it takes me musically, because no matter where I go, it’s the only language absolutely everyone can speak.”

– Wallis Bird in conversation with Alice Goodwin.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Lissie @ Academy Oct 25th 23 200x200That’s when forever was forever. When forever really meant forever. When you’re that young you can be anything you want to be, and then all of a sudden you’re thirty and forever has a whole new meaning”

Lissie spoke to Clare O’Hanlon about stumbling upon an old photograph of her and her siblings in their Grandpa Bob’s and how it influenced the title track of the album.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Amanda Palmer 6861 200x200“I think money and people’s feelings about money are really complicated especially around ART, and especially in a time of economic panic. I just try not to take shit too personally, and I try to focus on the important part: making things. Explaining myself ad nauseum is a waste of energy and will, if I keep doing it, suck the very life out of me.”

Amanda Palmer in conversation with James Hendicott on the controversy surrounding her crowdsourcing campaigns.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Deltron 3030 Event II 200x200

“I’ve done a few records in France and language is such a complicated thing, especially where English isn’t the first language and you don’t know what you’re doing. They are more into the groove of the music.”

Deltron 3030 in conversation with Frank Hughes



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Manic Street Preachers @ The Olympia on 20 9 13 2 of 14 200x200“It’s much more about emotion and travel and the inspiration you get from any little shitty corner of the world. In your own country, be it anywhere, there’s always a story to be told.”

Manic Street Preacher’s Nicky Ware spoke to Stephen Byrne about the difference between Rewind The Film and 2014’s album Futurology.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Tvvins at The Button Factory Dublin on December 13th 2013 03 200x200
“To be honest we just said we’d focus on making music and see what the response is before going into all that crap. I mean if people like it that’s great and if they don’t, they don’t.”

Tvvins’ Lar in conversation with Anna Job.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 AlkalineTrio Academy 27 aug 2013 13 banner 200x200
“We’re always trying to try new things without losing our audience… I mean its punk rock music but its still art.”

Alkaline Trio in conversation with Greg Synnott.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Peaches 200x200“Yoko asked me to perform her famous performance piece called Cut Piece for the Meltdown Festival she curated this past June. The cut piece is where one person is on stage fully clothed sitting there with a pair of scissors in front of them and the audience is invited to cut the clothes off that person until the person is completely naked. It was a once in a lifetime incredible experience.”

Peaches spoke to Anna Job about working with Yoko Ono



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 Heathers in the Pepper Canister 12 12 2012 by Yan Bourke 06 199x300“We are big fans of food, so everywhere we go we need to try something that’s specific to the area. In Ottawa, what’s specific to them is this thing…[looks at Ellie] Otter or Beaver Tails?” said Louise.

“Beaver” Ellie confirms.

“Yeah, Beaver Tails. It’s not actually Beaver Tails. It’s like a flattened doughnut thing, but when we played our gig there they just kept telling us we had to try Beaver Tails and we hadn’t a clue what they were talking about.”

Heathers spoke to Anna Job about trying speciality foods on tour.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 chelsea wolfe unknown rooms 150x150“For the ‘Unknown Rooms’ cover we rented a room at an old sort of abandoned hotel in the bay area of California that used to be a brothel. Each room is named after a different woman who used to live and work there and it feels very full (sic) of energy and stories.”

Chelsea Wolfe in conversation with Greg Synnott.



GoldenPlecs Best Quotes of 2013 In Studio with Raglans by Sean Smyth 20 300x198“It’s pretty foggy now to be honest, it was pretty late. I had seen Rhos and Liam in their former band and thought they were deadly and I heard they were breaking up so I targeted Rhos in the campsite after, not in a creepy way. I was probably hustling and scooting up beside him. It was really late, big tent, everybody singing, drinking. It was in one of those big dome tents, everyone having a good time.” The new addition to the band and silent but deadly, Sean O’Brien, then chimes in with – “Sounds a bit Brokeback Mountain to me.” A roar of laughter is let off as Stephen takes control again, “Ahhh it wasn’t. I was like ‘so do you want to do something?’ and he said ‘no’. I was like a girl, I went in for the kill and was shot down. I then just stalked him after and really creeped on him until he was mine.” More laughter. “This answer has gone very awry hasn’t it?”

Raglans spoke to Ros Madigan about how they formed and recruited band members.

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