Garth Brooks to tour world in 2014

Garth Brooks to tour world in 2014 We won’t lie. Goldenplec’s editor is a big Garth Brooks fan, so the news that Steve Wynn released this week, that the five year deal between himself and Garth Brooks to perform at the Wynn Hotel at Vegas has come to an end after three years.

The contract has an option for either side to end the deal if they wished to which leads to the reason why Brooks has cancelled the show. It turns out that Garth Brooks is planning a world tour in the fall of 2014. This will be his first world tour in nearly 16 years. The reason for retiring was to focus on raising his family and 16 years on his youngest daughter is set to graduate from school, leaving him with a few less responsibilities.

We mark the early favourite as a return to Croke Park in July/August 2014. We will be there up the front no matter where he plays, a rare opportunity to see one of the biggest selling artists of all time.

MCD / Aiken, get on it!

Garth Brooks – The Dance

UPDATES! We were right. Croke Park was the destination. Five dates have been announced. Five of them have sold out.  We have transcribed the press conference at Croke Park with some of the key items discussed by Garth.

Garth Brooks adds 5th Croke Park, Dublin date

Garth Brooks Croke Park Press Conference


  1. Patricia Mullen says:

    NOT going to be missed!! Gig of a lifetime with a savage artist . . . Bring it on Garth we WILL be there!!!

  2. bernadette says:

    i am so happy to here that i grow up listen to garth brooks i just hope the concert is not on my wedding date 18 july please dont be that date x

  3. Kathleen kiernan says:

    That’s good news for Irish audience’s may be he’ll come to Cusack Park if one Direction are on about it who knows

  4. bernadette feighery says:

    would lu him to play in o2 dublin

  5. Orla Byrne says:

    I was at Croke Park in Dublin for the last tour my now 24 year old son was not but every Sunday night he has the local pub singing to Garth as he belts out his favourite Garth hits he has never seen you what a priviledge it will be to accompany him to see Garth in Dublin in 2014 along with all his pals who are now all fans can’t wait and please bring Trisha

  6. Tina says:

    Im so happy to hear that Garth is coming to Ireland been waiting to hear that for a long long time, saw him the last time he was here. He was fantastic!!!!

  7. mary says:

    i just love love love him ,,, cant wait

  8. Amy says:


  9. kimg says:

    I hope Scotland is on the agenda I will be first in the que

  10. Carla says:

    Hope that includes down under! Huge fans down here too! I love G.B!

  11. tony. b says:

    Carnt wait missed last concert waited to long for this one. Bring it on.

  12. Carol says:

    Any word on tours within the US? PLEASE come to Kansas City again!!!! Love Garth!!!!!

  13. Deb says:

    Please come to New Zealand …

  14. Linda says:

    A huge fan, please inlcude Australia. :)

  15. Jason says:

    I would do anything for him to come to Australia anything. Please do not forget us Down Under.

  16. Helen says:

    Please, please, please please come to Australia!

  17. katie says:

    please please tour Australia!!

  18. Peter says:

    I saw you at Wynn Casino in 2012 – greatest show EVER – please come to Australia – will be there for sure

  19. Kristy walker says:

    Please please come to Australia. We had played a sing if urs as our wedding song n to see u love would be perfect. US Australians in the country love you.

  20. Will says:

    Is he playing at Cmc rocks the hunter in Australia

  21. April McCarthy says:

    Pleaseeeeee come to Belfast.
    Seen you in concert in the Kings Hall Belfast many many
    years ago. Would loveeeee you to come and play in the
    Oydessy Arena Belfast on your 2014 tour as the
    Oydessy is a bigger venue & I know you could fill it 3 times
    over no problem Garth. ????
    Pleaseeeeeee come play for us again. ? xx

  22. Sarah says:

    PLEASE COME TO AUSTRALIA!!! We’re your friends in LOW places!!!

  23. louis says:

    i am from ireland but living in australia i would love to see u in both places i would fly home for ur show in ireland and back to oz for ur show here if i can get tickets for both. i seen u in dublin the last time u were there and cued all night for ur shows in belfast where i got tickets for 2 different nights then got my tickets stole.

  24. Megan says:

    I hope he comes to New Zealand, but would fly anywhere in the world for this – will not be missed!

  25. mary ann holohan says:

    Last time Garth was in Ireland I was due my daughter would had love to see him,won’t miss him this time if he comes…

  26. Barra says:

    Please please please !, Come to Australia ,yours was the first concert my whole family WAS made to attend ! They all loved it ,including my 8- year “too cool for school ” son .they all had a ball and always remember it as a wonderful experience . I even lined up for 3 hours at Whitfords shopping centre to get my CDs signed by GB himself !

  27. deirdre hennessy says:

    I would him to come to thomand park limerick

  28. sarah says:

    went to your concert last time you were here in australia and hope you include us again

  29. rachel says:

    will b camping overnight to get a ticket if he comes to croke park

  30. Gary Bound says:

    I really hope he plays England,he has thousands of fans here and I would definitely be first in line.

  31. caroline says:

    garth if u cpming dublin a good irish support for u brian mcfadden or niall breslin

  32. caroline says:

    garth if u coming dublin a good irish support for u brian mcfadden or niall breslin

  33. Mary says:

    Was at last concert in Croke Park was lucky enough to be part of the crowd kept for the recording of the River and my other half ended up on the DVD cover hope to have a repeat in 2014….

  34. sheila - Kerry says:

    That is the best news ive heard all year. Garth Brooks in Ireland again, i cant wait. He is the GREATEST

  35. Emma says:

    Just heard the brilliant news that your going on tour Gareth!! Was in croke park to see you!! Can’t wait to see you again! Love your music, have missed hearing your voice on the radio!! No doubt you will be bigger and even better than before. Can’t wait to hear some golden oldies and new music…. Yeeeeee haaaa!! ???? Xx

  36. Paul wilcox says:

    Millenium stadium Cardiff a must for Garth Brooks

  37. Mark says:

    Come back to your fans, the O2 in london is a must. Missing your shows and songs of my life, COME BACK SOON.

  38. johnny curran says:

    when will the tickes be on sale i love him

  39. caroline says:

    cant wait for u come bk uk my daughter 27 grew up from the age 6 listening to ur cds wud go missing wen she was teenager i d find them in her room. and wen i went to c u in sheffield wen she was bout 7or 8 she cried as she wanted to come so it b great to b at ur concert again with my daughter

  40. Donnelle says:

    Please come to Australia. I’ve been listening to ur cd and watching ur DVD’s

  41. Ludivina Shedd says:

    hey I enjoy your site. I’m a loyal 1 direction fan and I found a contest thing where anyone can unbelievably hang out with them in real life!!!!!!

  42. Kim says:

    Wow Please come to Australia, Apart the family following Of Garth….. Our Son with serious health problems, Delayed from these health problems, Listen’s to Garth everyday xxxx

  43. Amy says:

    Cant wait to see him in Ireland,,, No matter where in Ireland I’ll Be there no doubt…….

  44. RALPH says:

    Hope he comes to England. He’s an all time great.
    Let me know when tour dates and venues are known?

  45. Fred says:

    Please please please come to Australia

  46. Torkell Wanvik says:

    Would love to se you in norway :-)

  47. sandra says:

    I hope he will come to Germany, too – otherwise we will fly through Europe to see him! :-)

  48. lee says:

    croke park ireland wont know what hit them garth brooks returns 2014 :)

  49. la casa says:

    Might not go ahead. Looks like the promoter did not properly check out the permissions to stage concerts at this venue.