#GoldenBeck - September  - Wild Promises, Other Creatures, PocketsArtists: Wild Promises, Other Creatures & Pockets
Venue: The Workman’s Club, Dublin
Date: Thursday, 25th September
Doors: 8pm

Tickets: €5
Tickets go on sale: Available on the door

After the success of our sixth #GoldenBeck gig last month (see photos here), we are back to bring you the seventh in our series of ‘GoldenPlec & Claire Beck Presents…’ gig nights in the The Workmans Club, Dublin.

Wild Promises are new to the scene and have quickly garnered attention from Ireland, Europe and further afield. Their debut single Ballymore is a haunting affair that catches your attention from the outset. With a much anticipated EP to follow in the Autumn, produced and mixed by Karl Odlum, it’s the perfect time to catch Wild Promises before their much hyped set at Hard Working Class Heroes.

We’ve been keeping tabs on Other Creatures ever since they had 68 likes on Facebook, we know because we were the 69th (and we’re childish like that). Ever since, Other Creatures have been delivering their direct, three-piece vibrations all across the country (including an appearance at Other Voices). Pigeon hole this band into any given genre box at your peril, Other Creatures excel in challenging the norm. Take lyrics like “I want to lick you, Lady Boy” … – yea, now you get it.

Pockets haven’t been around for long – such a short time infact, that you can see a list of all the gigs they’ve played on their FB ‘about’ section. For a band so young, they embody everything that is so exciting about the burgeoning Irish music scene – not only do they ooze of youthful infection, but they also have a steady, calculated and assured quality that belies their tender years. This isn’t just music for Ireland – it’s something bigger.

We’ve long been promoting Irish music and every great thing about it. So it’s about time we got together some of the amazing Irish talent and put on some seriously good music nights. We have some amazing nights lined up over the next few months so stay tuned and enjoy ‘GoldenPlec & Claire Beck Presents’.

Remember: Plec yourself before you Beck yourself. #GoldenBeck


Wild Promises

Other Creatures