Shane Culloty AKA Winter Aid is building a cult following thanks to his captivating ephemeral soundscapes as evidenced in his debut album ‘Mumurs of the Land’.
Within, the latest track to get the single treatment examines the cultural shifts in rural Irish society since the 80s.
“Shane and I spoke about the origins of ‘ Within’. He explained the track was about rural Ireland and the contrast between what it was like when he was growing up and what it is like now. With this understanding on board, I took an abstract approach to the video,I wanted to represent an impression of Ireland moving from a religious society into a secular society, with ideas of moving into a ‘virtual society’. Looking at rural Ireland in the 80s as opposed to present day Ireland is hardly recognisable. We live on our phones and in our screens.I wanted to suggest this in the video. I felt keeping these notions quite suggestive was suited to the track as the music has such an overwhelmingly dreamy flow and feel. The song has such a nostalgic vibe and it really struck a chord with me.” says director Kevin McGloughlin.